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As my fourth Christmas in the US was approaching  my spirits rose  higher as degrees plummeted.  The first time it snowed here in Indiana it was barely two inches deep but we put on all the warm clothes we had and went outside to enjoy it. I hadn’t seen snow for four years, since it never snows in the Amazon, and this was exciting.  We made a small snowman,  had snowball fights, shoveled the front sidewalk, and proceeded to make snow angels. In a few days the snow melted and the snowman gradually disappeared into the ground.

A week or so later it snowed again and we built two snowmen and attempted to buils snow forts. My dad bought us some Calvin and Hobbes books when we got to the States so I decided to copy a snowman which I had seen in one of them.  I built a snowman lying down so that the telephone pole protruded from its chest.  My mom thought it was ghastly.

Christmas Day finally came.   We got up early to open our stockings but we couldn’t open them stockings until everyone was up and in their right minds.  Each of  us found chocolate, book lights, pens, brazilian CDs, and ear phones  in our Dollar store stocking (Our regular ones are in Brazil)  We did this familiar stocking-opening ritual while sitting by the blazing wood burning fire.   In Brazil we still open stockings but never by a lit fireplace.

We had delicious breakfast of rolls and cheese, a common breakfast we have in Brazil and miss having here.   

The excitement began to mount.  What would I get this year?  Would I get that special net I wanted so that I could go out collecting fish when I returned to Brazil?  Boy, was I in for a surprise.  I did NOT get the net but would you believe I had the best christmas of my life ? I received three special gifts.  One was a waterproof Bible, which can endure most of the trauma I inflict on a Bible.  This one can withstand being dropped into water, which is good since I like to ride in canoes and go fishing.  It was meant for being taken to the Amazon where humidity, rain, river water and mud are a part of everyday life.  I also  got a  miniature foosball table which is fun to play with my friends. But my dream gift was something I had been trying unsucessfully to save up for many many months.  Not only do I like to collect fish in the wild but I love to take pictures of them so when I opened up  a Nikon L100 camera my jaw dropped.  If you would like to see some of my fish photography you can go to www.passsionate4pikes.wordpress.com.  I don’t have any new pics up yet but will soon.

The fun continued when my cousins came later in the day, who also have lived in Brazil.  We enjoyed a Brazilian meal and drinking guaraná, a national drink from Brazil.   

I know it is impossible to have a perfect Christmas, but I think I got pretty close!


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Photos of Brazil

A riverboat going down the amazon

Sunset over the port

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