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I am relishing the sound of  finality as the zippers on our eleven pieces of luggage close for the last time. We are on our way back to Brazil!  We finished our last road trip on Monday, ate at our last Chick-fil-a, drank our last root beer, did our last Walmart run…until we get back in a couple of years.  We fly out  tomorrow (Oct 20th)from Lexington, KY to Atlanta and then on to Manaus, arriving around midnight.  One woman I shared our itinerary with said that we will probably all have to go through Atlanta on the way to heaven!  Well, we do think Manaus is pretty close but ….Thanks for your prayers as they have surrounded us and moved mountains.

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Childish Faith

I found a lesson on faith in a surprising place. In a movie review, of all places, I fell upon a nugget of truth that awakened me to how I have been thinking about God lately. Here is what the reviewer wrote in his review of Nanny McPhee 2:

I grew up on a steady diet of exactly this sort of feel-good movie. As a result, in my childhood and early teens I was more confused than I should have been when my developing devotion to having “a little faith”—even in God—didn’t somehow make things suddenly (magically) better.

And there it was. Like a bit of gold glittering among common stones. Had I after all these years of Christian living fallen prey to a very childish kind of faith which expected God to magically make things come out the way I wanted?

These past 16 months we have been on a journey to raise funds to go back to Brazil. Honestly, at times I have been confused on this walk. I often wondered why we were having trouble. I mean what are economic troubles to God? Didn’t my kids pray every night for God to send us back to Brazil? Weren’t we doing the right things and saying the right prayers? These questions exposed a heart that believed that God was some how to be swayed or maneuvered like the many gods of the Hittites, Jebusites and Greeks, rather than One to whom we yield to and defer to.

A few weeks later someone directed me to Proverbs 16:9. “In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps,” (NIV)

Plunk! A solid plank of truth had been thrown across the mire of my selfish plans. Groping my way out I found such peace knowing that God had a bigger picture and better plan, even though I had no idea what it was. What have I found since I have handed my plans to Him? There has been incredible joy and amazement as He takes us from one blessing to another. Yes, we are intent on getting back to Brazil but He sees the whole scope of eternity and we will get back to Brazil when He plans it and not one moment sooner.

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