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A Father’s Love

I boarded the city bus with some heaviness of heart. The Christmas party for the pastors’ families was just a few days away and I had a problem. While in the U.S. I had stocked up on little gifts at sales and the Dollar store with this Christmas event in mind. I enjoyed finding little stuffed bears for .01 and marked down manicure kits for about a dollar. I had done well, I thought, finding gifts for the 50 or so children, until I realized I had nothing to put in the goody bags for young teenage boys. What could I possibly find within my slim budget? Would this be something that God thought was important? Would He guide me? I pondered these things as I paid my fare and headed towards the last empty seat on the bus.

Since the bus trip would be long I had remembered to grab a book I was currently reading, In The Arena, by Isobel Kuhn. Not a bad traveling companion. I had no idea how she would witness to my heart on the bumpy ride. When she and other women were being sent back from China, where she had been a missionary, to the U.S. during World War II, they had to be shipped secretly. They did not know where they were going or where family could meet them. When Isobel voiced her concern her fellow companion answered easily, “Oh, the Lord will have something waiting for us. He hasn’t brought us all this way to desert us now.”

Then Isobel Kuhn added, It is scriptural, Psalm 59:10 (ASV) “My God with his loving-kindness will meet me. And another version, “The God whose love meets me on the way.”

Those words provided such tangible comfort to my troubled heart. I know those words were written for more critical times but it spoke to me as I jostled toward town.  It whispered to me of God’s infinite sweetness and tenderness. I felt that He would meet me on the way as I went to look for 18 little gifts that would be an encouragement to young men.

My way did not seem very easy.   The majority of inexpensive things to buy are for women and small children. But I knew God would nudge me on to find just the right thing. When I saw key chains, at a Christian bookstore, which had a small box of promises attached I knew God had met me. May be while one of these young men is on the bus or waiting in some long line, he might open it and ponder God’s word.  It might be a light when direction is needed. It might provide the same measure of comfort I received from His Word that morning, when one feels alone and forlorn.   And the price was well within my budget.

My ride home was completely different. I had a renewed awareness that God does care about all the small incidents in my life. He is a father who deeply loves His children and delights in our unswerving trust in His goodness.


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