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Satellite Classes

Heading out to teach class at 6:30 in the evening is not unusual except it is on a Saturday night and I am driving away from the seminary.  My first night of teaching Overview of the Old Testament in the neighborhood of Nova Cidade happened to coincide with a street party.  If I could have taught my Old Testament material in rap it would have gone a little better. We finished for the evening long before the party did. 

The next day I was on my way again this time at 6:30 in the morning to get our second class in.  I thought it was rather early until I saw soccer fields already full of players getting at their games.  Hmmmm…It did not seem so early anymore.  Why do we think it is harder to get up for serious study than for playing? 

What is exciting is that this new idea of taking the seminary to help some outlying churches is that we are reaching new students.  I am so happy to have Lucilene in this class.  I wrote about her here.  She and her husband have a call to ministry but  between juggling jobs, family and church responsibilities training had not become a possibility until now. 

We have gained three other brand new students so that makes the late nights and the early mornings well worth it. 



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Highlights for July

It is easily 100 degrees today. Summer is here.  My favorite sound is the breeze rustling the tall palm tree in the center of campus.  Not only is the wind lovely but the reminder of being in the tropics is pleasant. 

In early July Tom took Anna, Hudson and our summer intern, Jackie Vick, to Fortaleza where he presided over the district conference.  God is working in a very difficult part of the Brazil.  There is a new work opening in a place called Juazeiro do Norte, which is considered a center for idolatry.  Pray for Rakelly who is there spearheading this work.

But all was not business as the gang held a pastors’ kid’s event as well. Since Fortaleza sits on one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world that was certainly in the plans. After that pizza and ice-cream were in order.

I, Grace, stayed in Manaus to begin a new venture for the seminary. As our churches grow and church plants are farther away from our seminary we have begun to ask how we can help get theological education out to places where there are groups of students wanting to study but three hours on the bus, coming and going, presents a huge difficulty.  I began teaching an Old Testament class to eight students out in Nova Cidade. It is a marathon class on the weekends, three hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday morning, for five weeks. 

Jackie Vick has helped us in ministry for 6 weeks. She also was instrumental in  pulling  together a pastor’s kid event here in Manaus as well. She was a blessing to us and to the people here in Manaus.  She is sorely missed.

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