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Can You Find It?

In this photo is a mama lizard looking for a place to lay her eggs. Can you find the lizard?


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I love speaking about missions. It has been my pleasure for many years to share with the American church about what God is doing in Brazil. But when I am asked to speak by the Brazilian church on missions I often do a double take. Since I am a missionary to Brazil what do I share about since most of my experience comes from Brazil?  So I asked myself recently, where does the Wesleyan church of Brazil need to be challenged?  What does God want to say to this growing vibrant young church?

Ignorance is often a barrier to real missionary zeal. One of the real needs for our people in the Amazon district is simply to have an awareness of the marvelous ways God is moving across the world and to see what is still left undone.  In sharing the overwhelming unfinished task they can be stirred to seek their niche in the grand scheme.

How can they become a part of that when they don’t even know what is happening? Since most of what Global Partners does is recorded in English there is a huge barrier.   So I have the privilege to share astonishing stories of how Global Partners’ missionaries are faithfully winning the world for Christ and how God is using the Jesus Film in many restricted and hard to reach

A skit done by some of the ladies

places.  What a delight to be the bearer of such stirring news.

On Saturday the Wesleyan Women of Brazil held a district-wide missions service specially dedicated to how God is making His name known in places where spreading the Gospel is more difficult, especially among the Muslim people.

 I was able to share what the Szmara’s are doing in Northern Mozambique.  With only 4 weeks of adjustment to the country and less time in language school, they are actively involved in significant ministry.  One of my favorite stories I discovered was how God used the Jesus Film ministry just last week,  along with the presence of Zach and a Mozambican pastor in this area to win an imam, a leader of several mosques, to a relationship with Jesus.  You really should read the story for yourself and check out their blog for more incredible stories. Zach’s photography is stunning.

But my biggest challenge last Saturday afternoon was what the Wesleyan women must do in their Jerusalem and their Samaria.  Our Samaria is the millions of river dwellers in the Amazon basin.  We have a very small ministry working with these unreached people but I think God wants to use the Brazilian Wesleyan church in a grander scope.  Most of these communities have no evangelical presence and have a strong influence of idolatry and folk religion.  There is much work to do.

Our offering was resources that our missionaries, in 5 areas of our Samaria, can use for ministry, such as Bibles, Christian music and Christian DVD’s.  The collection will continue through October, our missions month.

My prayer is that as the  Brazilian Wesleyan church is filled with the Power of the Holy Spirit that we will be bold in proclaiming Christ in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.  It is an exciting time to be here and to watch how a church without many resources begins to trust God in finding their unique role in winning the world for Christ.

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