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Since my last post life has taken off at warp speed. After our return from Boa Vista I began teaching two English classes, each class meets twice a week. In tandem I am completing my TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I finish my course in a couple of weeks.   Can you believe I get excited about discovering keys to teaching grammar or new ways to teach pronunciation?  It is so much fun!

I usually open and close each class with prayer, first in English and then in Portuguese. Several classes ago I forgot. I dismissed the students, except for two students with whom I needed to talk. I noticed that nobody was leaving. Finally André, a Catholic young man said, ” Teacher, can you pray please? ” With a grateful heart I stopped my conversation and closed in prayer deeply touched that something I started with a heart to minister had indeed done so. You can believe that I don’t forget very easily anymore.


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