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Pipe Dreams

There was so much I loved about the new house when we moved into it a year ago. I loved that it had less square footage; an invitation to decluter. I loved that is was airy and bright; an invitation to waking up early in the morning. I loved that it was located on the seminary campus; an invitation to be much more available to our students.  But there was one thing I did not love, the tiny, leaky bathroom.  To give you an idea, the water pressure was so low in the shower that no water could be used anywhere in the house or out at the same time.  Dishes could not be washed.  The washer had to be turned off.  It got tricky at times. The washer took an hour to fill up, drips deep inside the concrete  were staining the walls, and dangerous looking mold was growing rapidly.  It was a mess with no easy solution.  Enter David Downey. 

David came to bless us with his servant’s heart for a couple of months.  He tirelessly worked on a number of projects for the seminary.  But as our leaks worsened he was more than willing to work with Tom to start fixing them.  He and Tom first had to break out cement walls were the plastic pipes were imbedded.  As they tore away the cement the problem was evident. 

All of the pipes were not at straight angles, producing our present situation.  After several days they had replaced all the pipes and corrected the angles. As if renewed and revived, our water pressure was strong and forceful!  The leaks disappeared.  Wet walls dried up.  I could do several loads of laundry in a single morning.  And showers were uninterupted!  It was like a dream. Thanks David for all of your hard work.


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