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Rooms with a New View

Things are moving along after the devestating storm a week ago. The new seiminary roof is on! The last nail was pounded in as rain drops fell.



Some of the hardworking crew that made it possible

The work team from Canada has some ladies who love to paint. These three ladies completed painting the Library and the director’s office in one day.

Slowly the books are being put back on the shelves.

Books under wraps

Unfortunately all 4,000 volumes were taken out so hastily that it will be a work to get them back in order. But we are praiseful that there was no loss of books. 

Good news about the kitchen.  It is still a bit airy and does not have electricity but it is useble. 


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A Tree in the Kitchen

I found myself huddled in the bathroom singing, “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine,” as fierce winds blew through the seminary Saturday night here in Manaus. Whether it was a small tornado or some sort of whirlwind, in just 10 minutes its near 100 kph winds left wreckage on three of the four buildings on our campus. With more than 20 trees downed I am still trying to get used to the new disfigured landscape.

An 80 foot tree toppled in minutes. The base was 10 feet around

Three of the four rooms on one wing of the seminary suffered severe roof and water damage. These hold the offices, the library and a study room. The study room which houses five computers was spared.

The library roof

Yesterday most of the roof was removed waiting for the roofing shipment, which did not come.  We are not the only ones who need new roofs!  In the night last night, however, another storm came bringing more wind and rain. Everything had been either covered or removed so there was no further loss or damage, but the clean up continues as water, dirt and debris need to be dealt with. The outpouring of help has turned a heartbreaking incident into an opportunity to draw together and see many acts of kindness and sacrifice. 

We have two concerns today. To get the roofing up befor more rain and to deal with the kitchen at the dormitory. A huge tree fell on the roof so that the room is filled with an immense tree.

The tree in the kitchen


We really need it moved so that the work team, which comes from Trenton, Ontario tonight, can have their meals prepared there.  We had some promised help from some crews from the city and fire department but with all the widespread needs and other areas of the city affected last night who knows when we will see them.

We are so grateful for the timely arrival of this team from Trenton Wesleyan.  Only the Lord knew how we would need a team right after this devastating storm.

Your prayers for strength, energy, holy optimism and godly responses are always the tools we need for any task we are trying to accomplish.

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