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Kingdom Building

Each day I pass Markinho, a young man whose life has been wasted on drugs and alcohol. I pray for him as I pass and sometimes if I catch his attention I will say “Oi”. With chains made from beer can tabs around his neck and ankles they remind me of the many types of chains that bind him. I always wonder if there is more I can do. But there is someone who I met recently who is doing more.

Carlinho has been helping with some remodeling on our home. He is fun to have around. He works hard and I love that I occasionally hear snippets of praise songs as he works or his Christian music blasting from a cell phone while he lays tile or knocks out walls.

Yesterday Carlinho did not come to work. I found out that a young man who has been attending Carlinho’s small group was found murdered that morning. Consoling the family and making funeral arrangements is a part of Carlinho’s ministry. Carlinho is a member of the Monte Pascual Wesleyan church where many small groups meeting weekly.

He told me that working with this group is very discouraging.  Although they may show up for the Saturday evening group they fail to take Christ seriously. And many are living very dangerous lives.  But they do keep coming.  Please pray for Carlinho and his ministry to these people who long for freedom but don’t have the courage to take it.

Carlinho goes at his spiritual work much like he does his daily work, smashing down strong holds, setting new foundations and building up lives with words of truth and mercy. 


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