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Our bags are packed…again as Gwendolyn and I (Grace) head out to Fortaleza tonight. She and I just got back from a retreat in northern Brazil, where I spoke at a couple of sessions.

Front Row Seats on the Bus

We will be in Fortaleza, in northeast Brazil for 10 days as a part of our theological education by extension.  Principles of Teaching will be the class I am presenting.

Tom and Hudson are in northern Mozambique getting to know our Wesleyan work there.  Our hope is to see Brazil make a connection with this other Portuguese speaking country.  Tom had a bit of trouble getting out of Brazil since his yellow fever shot had expired some weeks ago.  They were delayed and had difficulty connecting with the Jesus Film crew they were going to travel with.  Once they got to Mozambique  they had a choice between taking a three day bus trip or a two-hour flight to get with this group.  They took the flight.  We have not heard anything from them since they left Maputo, the capital, but we trust all is well.

I did say three continents.  Anna, at Asbury University, is a spiritual life assistant for her hall.  She loves investing in the girls on her hall and planning the weekly prayer meetings.  Last week she invited a missionary family to visit  her hall to share about God’s vision for reaching the world.  That is the only vision worth having.

We appreciate your prayers as we travel, minister and share the Good News.

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