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Our life as vagabond missionaries is over for now.  Having no address and no fixed place to lay our heads made me pine for a steadier life. There is no place like home.IMG_2344Arriving back to Brazil in August, after being away for eight months, has been delightful. I have soaked up the daily charms of being home in the Amazon.  What are those charms?

I receive warm and affectionate greetings from, well, everybody.

I run into people I know when I am out shopping.

I love the steady rhythm of days living on the equator; sun up at six, sundown at six.outside house 021

I love feeling thirsty. (In the heat I never forget to drink lots of water.)

Chewy tapioca panckaes with strong sweet coffee in the mornings is a taste I will never get tired of.IMG_2339

A place of ministry where I can use my gifts to equip a growing, dynamic church gives me such a sense of being well-being.

Afternoon coffee and crusty bread with long-time colleagues at the Bible college nourishes bonds of friendship.IMG_2332

So now instead of being homeless,  I am home-full and relishing every minute of it.

Written by Grace Ensz


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