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Our Family did this Advent Bible Study  last year.  Tom developed it using inductive principles.  It is not a devotional since it does not come with pre-packaged thoughts and responses.  This is an inductive study that will bring the whole family together to talk about the significance of Christ’s coming to earth.  It is important that each participant have time prior to the family time so that the answers will be thoughtful and personal.  We sometimes could not do this every night so we would catch up and do a couple or three at a time.  We would also add Christmas hymn singing after our study and end with prayer and may be a Christmas treat.


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I wasn’t prepared for it. How was I to know that something significant was going to happen that hot October morning?

When we returned to Brazil in August we found that a monumental task, which had been set in motion nearly a year before, was near completion. Late in 2012 Tom had encouraged our Department of Education director, Doris, to think about putting together our own youth and adult Sunday school material. With so many doctrinal differences in the materials our churches were using this seemed to be the best choice, albeit audacious. That little suggestion was all it took. By August the committee had all but two lessons taken care of and asked if Tom and I could produce these lessons. Tom’s full schedule made it look unlikely. I, on the other hand, was eager to get my Portuguese back in gear and relished the idea of working on these lessons from the Pentateuch. When did they have to be done? Already behind schedule, they needed them right away. With a few false starts, re-writes and corrections I happily got them in under the deadline.IMG_2481

Then I got the phone call that October day. Doris said that Lene (Laney) was dropping off the completed curriculum, would we be there to receive it. I thought I would be. I had laundry and a bunch of other Saturday tasks lined up around the house.  At about 11:00 Lene drove up with the finalized copies. But also with her were two of the other authors who had collaborated on the project. She had phoned them to come over as well. Something was up. This was not a mere “dropping off” but an important handing over of a tremendous accomplishment. And I had not seen it coming.

I looked around for where we could meet that sunny morning and was shocked when the group headed towards the shady back porch…where I had just hung the laundry. I tried not to notice the under garments above our heads and trousers dangling from the line. I hastily took down some of the more distracting items part way through.IMG_2477

But soon the enormity of the project began to be understood, even by me. Drawing on experience, Biblical training, and the passion for teaching, all of these Brazilian Wesleyan pastors and teachers had freely given their time and skill to put together our first youth and adult Sunday school curriculum for the Wesleyan church in Brazil. It caught me by surprise…but not for long as I ran to get my camera. It had been a challenging task but one done with love and dedication. I am filled with deep admiration for those who took this labor to heart and birthed the first of many publications to come. I was so pleased to have been a part of it, even if it did take place under the clothesline.

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