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The Big Win

I went to church the other night not entirely ready for worship. After all the U.S. soccer team was playing Portugal in the World Cup just a few miles away. It was hard not to wonder how things were going.  Was my team winning…or losing? I tried to shake myself mentally. All the elements of worship, as I entered in to the sanctuary, helped my focus shift to another reality.  The choruses, Scripture reading, and prayer drew my heart in. Rather unexpectedly Pastor Miranda called all those who had recently been baptized to come up and share their testimonies.

IMG_3391 I could not keep myself from smiling to see these radiant, joyful people testify to the change Christ had made in their lives. But there was more. Then Pastor Miranda called up front all the new members. There were 10! As I saw them each make their way up front I was so grateful that I had not missed such a stunning triumph for Christ and His Kingdom. There were new babes in Christ along side newly committed believers.  Now this is the kind of victory I can get excited about.IMG_3375


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