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Before Ash Wednesday, here in Brazil, comes the holiday, Carnival. It is celebrated without restraint and means that all forms of immorality are practiced. I read once that AIDS is spread more during this weekend than any other time. Wisely the evangelical churches hold their youth or family camps outside of the city.  This year we were invited to speak at a family camp in Boa Vista, 750 kilometers north of Manuas.

The road is improving but there were times when that was still a work in progress.

We pass over the equator so it is always fun to stop and soak in the amazing fact.

Boa Vista is on a plateau where it is dry and windy, so unlike Manaus which is nestled in the Amazon rainforest. But the weather was lovely and the terrain reminded us of Texas.

Tom and I spoke to around 50 campers about how to be a godly family in a world of changing values. We met underneath the cashew trees each morning and explored the Word together.

Our  tent was conveniently located.

Gwendolyn slept in one of the dorms and absolutely loved it.

The evening sermons were out under the skies where we worshipped God together.

Gwendolyn had a blast doing a treasure hunt in the middle of the night as well as singing  a solo in the talent show.  We enjoyed having her with us.  Hudson opted to stay in Manaus and attend the camp there.  He also loves camping.  He was thrilled to find a coral snake, a vine snake and some other lovely creatures.

We do have some prayer requests. Tom’s father passed away on Sunday. Tom will be traveling to the U.S. to be there for the memorial service. I am leading a missions trip with 8 Brazilian ladies to a small village up the Rio Negro next Saturday, March 3, where we will be doing outreach and SS training.

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