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What would you say if you knew that pilgrims traveled thousands of miles every year to pray to a cement statue? What would you say if you knew that it wasn’t just a few people but millions? What would you say if you knew there was little Evangelical presence in this place?

What would you say if you knew that a group of Wesleyans decided to go there and tell as many as would listen that they did not need to ask the help of a beloved priest long dead, but they could talk to an alive Jesus?

Nine people left Monday from Manaus to fly to Fortaleza, in northeast Brasil where they will train and strategize with the Wesleyan churches there about how to reach this city of Juazeiro do Norte, a day’s drive away.

 The name  “Juazeiro” comes from a native tree that is extremely thorny.The word is that Evangelicals are not welcome in Juazeiro do Norte, somewhat reflective of the plant where it gets its name.

Rakelly, a young woman of 24 years left her comfortable life in Fortaleza a year ago to begin a extremely difficult ministry in this city, to plant a church in a hostile, prikly environment. She has won several families to the Lord already. Pray for this team

which Tom is leading (and Hudson is also a part of), as they storm Juazeiro do Norte with the overflowing love of Jesus Christ. They hope to help build the church both physically and spiritually. The team needs spiritual cover so if you are reading this would you pray for this courageous group that doors to the gospel would open and that bristly hearts would receive the love of Christ.


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