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I got into Sergio’s car grateful for a ride home. When Tom dropped me off in this distant part of the city a few hours before, to teach a seminary extension class, our car was making  troubling noises. After class I thought I would head to the nearest bus stop when one of my students insisted he would be happy to drop me off. 

Settling in for the long ride home I was startled to see a pair of handcuffs on the console. I glanced in the back and saw a cap that said, “Federal Police”. I had no idea what Sergio did for a living so I asked him.  Amazed I learned that he is a detective. His job is to investigate all the unsolved cases that are over 10 years old in the city of Manaus. To add pressure to this already difficult job a new law said that these had to be solved in 30 days. I asked him how it was going. He said that it was obvious that God helps him without fail. His partner, a non-believer, once called him the luckiest person he had ever known. Sergio assured him it was because of God’s guidance that he met with so much success.

One day, he told me, he was questioning people in a neighborhood where leads had grown cold.  He really needed information that could only be gotten from someone who had moved long ago. Imagine everyone’s surprise, but Sergio’s, when that very person all of a sudden drove up, after years of being gone. Sergio was used to divine improbabilities.

Sergio has a special tactic with Christians that he meets in his line of work. He shares with them that he also is a brother in Christ and quotes a verse from Leviticus that says, if you know something and don’t tell it, you are sinning. This produces unbelievable results.

Sergio has taken several classes at our seminary and he has been uncertain how God wanted to use him until he took a recent class, Principles of Teaching. He became so convicted about the importance of effective teaching in the church that he told his classmates on the last night of class that he feels a call to teach and be used in the church to train and disciple new Christians in his local church. 

It is delightful to see how God calls many different people to serve him with their unique gifts and talents.  I have witnessed how God has made a detective, on the trail of unsolved murders, into the best kind of sleuth, one who searches out  God’s truth and shares it with others.


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